Awards Success at Aspirations

The team at Aspirations are celebrating being listed as finalists for not one but two awards. The first is for the Medway Business Awards which is open for all businesses in the Medway area. We are the only Accountancy firm to make it through to the final twelve which is particularly pleasing as Accountants have [...]

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Don’t Be A Victim Of Fraud

After speaking with a bank manager last week, we have been made aware of a new way fraudsters may attack your business. First, you will receive an unknown payment into your bank account. The fraudsters then call you to state that they have paid money into your bank account in error and ask that you [...]

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Economic Recovery

I was recently catching up on some news about the UK economy and I spotted that the CBI has just published the results of its quarterly survey into the banks and financial services sector. The survey was carried out with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and in summary suggested that the UK economy has possibly turned the corner. The [...]

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Taking Action on Business Growth

I was reading an article by Colin Thompson, the Managing Partner at Cavendish, which resonated perfectly with the theme of our Business Growth Accelerator Programme which I thought would be useful to share with you: Decide What You Want Firstly decide exactly what it is you want in each part of your life. Become a [...]

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I never have the time

How many times do you hear people say this phrase in their personal and business lives? I was contemplating this question whilst reflecting on the Business Growth Seminar we ran last Thursday. We were joined by 17 business owners and worked through the seven key business drivers to grow your business profits. Everyone identified a [...]

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Start creating time for you

Our previous blog discussed prioritising tasks in order to manage time better and to delegate jobs where possible. I gave you two tasks to complete to help with this. Did you find the time to do it? It works doesn’t it? I would love to hear any of your success stories and challenges you have [...]

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A new way to gain authority to act for clients

By March 2015 the Revenue are going to introduce a Unique Agent Reference (UAR). The new single procedure, where agents apply for a (UAR) will replace the existing processes and make registering as an agent quicker and easier. Gaining authority by a 64-8 in the past has not always been easy! Once we have our [...]

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HMRC can help pay your bar bill at this year’s Christmas Party!

HMRC may not seem like the jolliest of organisations but what allowances do they give you for your Christmas Party? Usually, business entertainment is not allowable for a tax deduction. However, you are allowed an annual total of £150 per head for annual team events. Not only can your business claim this as a tax [...]

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This blog is the third in my series on creating more time for business owners and helping them to concentrate on working on the business rather than in the business. So far you should have organised your tasks into the “First Things First Matrix” and delegated the jobs that, as Chief Executive, you shouldn’t be [...]

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