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Budget Update

At Aspirations we are always looking for ways to help you to save tax and if you are in receipt of dividends, either from your company or from a share portfolio then the new dividend tax will be of special interest to you. Why not ask us to review your tax position on the dividends you receive and see if we can help you to save tax?

Reverse Seminar with KMS

Through our reverse seminars our team are able to meet up with our clients and learn about a diverse range of businesses that operate in the Rochester and Medway area. It is always exciting for [...]

Reverse Seminar with Arc Creative Solutions

Our reverse seminars are a chance for us to get to know our clients better and to understand how we can help them in their business goals and plans. Recently we were delighted to welcome [...]

Changes to Class 2 National Insurance Contributions

The government announced plans in Budget to collect Class 2 National Insurance contributions through Self-Assessment from the 2015/16 tax year so that most people will pay tax and National Insurance contributions at the same time when the self-assessment return is due in January.